The FASA Logo

The new FASA logo is designed by Jaakko Dickman

I designed the new logo for the Finnish American Studies Association. I was inspired to create a logo by the organizations worthy aspiration to promote the study of the United States in Finland and to advance communication within the field. Hopefully, the logo will add a subtle finishing touch to FASA’s renewed website.


Jaakko Dickman is a graduate student at the Department of Media Studies in the University of Turku.

He is currently at the finishing stages of his master’s thesis “Breitbart as an Affective Community: Case Capitol Hill Riots,” revolving around the role of emotions in the processes of interpretation in the current right-wing online news comment sections.

He is also working part time at the John Morton Center for North American Studies. At the center, he works as a research assistant with the “Cuba in Flux: Visualizing Urban Transformation in Havana” research project.

The United States fascinates me both academically and personally. The United States is a nation built on the story of America. It is this story and the way that it is constantly shaped by past and current debates that feeds my curiosity time and again. Even in my master’s thesis, the differences in the interpretations of the January 6th Capitol Riots, can be seen to fundamentally result from people’s differing perceptions of what is America, who gets to be American and where is America heading towards.